2018年10月25日 搬瓦工VPS优惠 Bandwagonhost/搬瓦工VPS主机采用PAYPAL付款扣款并未开通机器怎么办?已关闭评论 阅读 58 views 次

有部分网友反馈自己在通过PAYPAL贝宝付款Bandwagonhost VPS主机的时候付款成功后,但是机器没有开通。是不是商家故意扣款坑人的,一般我们也会这么去理解。出现这个问题也是很正常的,比如以前在购买海外域名的时候,支付宝付款之后也扣款成功,但是域名就没付款。解决办法就是找客服解决。


Paypal payment issues

On October 19 we have noticed an issue with Paypal payment notification system.

Normally, Paypal notifies us about a successful payment within 30 seconds after payment. However, today, some notifications never come to our billing platform. From our initial investigation it looks like approximately 3-4% of all Paypal payments are affected.

If your payment is affected, please submit a support ticket with your Paypal Transaction ID, and we will manually credit the payment for you.

In the meantime, we are getting in touch with Paypal to get this resolved as soon as possible.

解决办法很简单。直接在工单提交,告诉客服你的PAYPAL付款账单的Paypal Transaction ID,也就是流水号。商家看到之后会手工给我们开通。